Here’s a bunch of random pictures of off the grid homestead life. I never have internet anymore. The rain has started, it’s getting colder, I’m canning like Martha Stewart on adderall, it’s winter squash heaven, I’ve convinced the feral cat to be my friend, I’ve sundried like 4000 pears, and by the way I’m going to Hawaii in like 2 weeks. Aloha.

Day 4 WWOOFing at an off the grid ex-commune deep in the mountains surrounding Mt. Hood. Solar and hydro-electricity, compost toilets, tent camping deep in the forest. Can’t get any more In The Shit, on this continent at least. Most beautiful place in America.


Here’s a video of me dominating some chickens.

Today I am proud. These chickens used to scare me but now they only gross me out. Progress.

I finally met a goat and he immediately peed in his own face. It was everything I could have hoped for when I dreamed of meeting a goat.

I don’t have internet right now but here’s my last few days at Green Angel in Long Beach, WA. Activities include: chicken buffets, dinners picked from the garden, Pacific Ocean adventures, a lot of digging and then watering dirt, harvesting pole beans, quinoa, and Asian pears, hanging out with farm cats.

Mimi the cat, my partner in crime tonight.

A hike through Forest Park to locate the Witch’s Castle, which was littered with garbage because human beings are a fucking disease. Afterwards, I headed to the Saturday Market and ate too much falafel and indulged in my first elephant ear— some kind of giant fried bread with cinnamon sugar and strawberry cream cheese, which was just okay. Now I’m horizontal on an air mattress in my airbnb host’s living room, hanging out with her cat. I peaked too early in the day.

My Day In Pix: flew into Portland, checked into my hostel, visited the Japanese Garden & the International Rose Test Garden. Not pictured: the best Khao Soi this side of Chiang Mai, getting lost in a forest Google Maps told me was a road, creeping on 10,000 beardy dudes with arm tattoos.

What’s In My Bag: Homeless Vagabond Edition

Top, from left to right, top to bottom: A pile of clothes (highlights include unicorn sweater and metallic pink houndstooth miniskirt), passport, Stephen King’s It, Frank Herbert’s Dune (stolen from my guest house’s common room, sorry), Carlos Castaneda’s A Second Reality, Rough Guide to Southeast Asia, sunglasses, toothbrush/toothpaste, sketchbook, sunblock, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, chapstick, a volcanic rock nicked from Mount Bromo, a ton of melatonin, a piece of coral found on Railay Beach, various makeup that I used maybe four times this whole trip, comb, face wash, another pile of clothes. 

Bottom: Day bag, backpack.

Not pictured: Netbook, camera, various electronic cords, art supplies.

Packed my bags for the last time. Tomorrow begins my two-day trip home.

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand.